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Sertoma is a volunteer service organization with over 21,000 members in over 700 clubs in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Russia.  Sertoma stands for SERvice TO MAnkind.  Our primary service project is helping the more than 42 million people with speech and hearing disorders.  Our motto is "Make Life Worthwhile".

Originally know as Co-Operators, and now as Sertomans, each member of this organization can take pride in the colorful history of the Co-Operative Club International and Sertoma International.  This history is based upon information gleaned from old SERTOMAN and THE CO-OPERATOR magazines on file at Sertoma Headquarters.

The first official luncheon meeting of the founding Club was held on April 11, 1912, at the Coates House Hotel, then the fashionable hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.  The founders of the first Co-Operative Club were George W. Smith, M.D., Charles E. Allen, M.D. and William R. Rowe.  These three men are now recognized as the Founding Fathers of The Co-Operator Club of Kansas City, Missouri, and of Sertoma International.

The first non-U.S. Sertoma Club was chartered in Windsor, Ontario in 1946.  The first Mexico Club was charterd in Mexico City in 1956.  The Sertoma Foundation was founded in 1960 to raise money for Sertoma's charitable programs.  The Foundation's Endowment has more than $10 million today.  Women, who were welcomed as members of Sertoma in 1985, comprise about one-third of our current membership. 

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